When I clicked pictures from my eat out with my children

Well, it is my hobby to click pictures whenever I go out with my family. So this time I decided to click pictures of the dinner I had planned with my family. I like to take photos of the dishes that we order so that I can try it at home.  But we have experienced something new at the restaurant – slate plates.  Slate plates are flat and are made of stone. You can even say that these are thin and flat pieces cut from the stone. Mostly it will be black in color and rectangle in shape. The sides are uneven if you look at it carefully.

slate plate in restaurants

I was excited to see this because this is going to be something different than the usual photos I take. The black color of the slates gave a beautiful appearance, you can take a look at this link to see how this company justifies using them as restaurant plates. So you can imagine that I took a photo of the same. The pan fried beef was kept on a black slate with the sauce and side dish kept around the piece. Even though it looked good in the photo, eating the dish was not a good experience. The knife and fork were making weird sounds when we tried to cut the beef. Not only that the sauce was spread on the slate in a way that half of the sauce was wasted. This reminds me of a post that I read some time before. There the writer had mentioned it is better to serve solid food on plates and liquid food in bowls.

Dessert in slate plates

Then we got the fries wrapped in an oil paper and kept inside a shoe (in the shape of the shoes).  When I saw the photo I could understand why restaurants and chefs are promoting the use of slate plates. The simple reason behind this is that the dish looked attractive and the slates are cheaper when compared to the standard restaurant plates. All these were OK; the real problem was when we got the dessert on the slates. As always, the focus was on my kids and their dishes. They ordered ice-cream and got it served on a slate plate. It was good to just click the photo of the ice-cream; however, my kids started to complain about ice-cream melting and flowing down onto the table. Even they want their food served on regular plates, not the slate plates.

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