My experience at a restaurant that serves food on slate plates

Well, if you are fond of fine dining you would have noticed that recently some of the restaurants are serving food on slates instead of restaurant plates. They say that the chefs can make a ‘statement’ if the food is served on a slate, you can read more on why food presentation is so important at By this, they mean the appearance and not the quality of the food. Children like to eat out and my kids too love to go out and have food from restaurants. But the bad experiences I had with the restaurants that served food on slates made me support the moves asking for the restaurant plates back.

Food on slate plate

Now let me justify why I am against the slates. For example, moms who take their children to the restaurants will have ice-cream on the order all the time. Now you would have got an idea about how it is not a good idea to serve ice-cream on the slates. Ice-cream is going to melt and you can guarantee that your kid is not going to complete it fast. Children like to enjoy the ice-cream while eating. In case if the ice-cream is yet to leave the flat slate or wooden plank you can just try to finish it. This is not just for the kids. When I ordered my complete dish was presented on the slate and all the topping was scattered all over the slate. They did not provide me a plate to serve it on.

Problem with slate plate

I have read online that these slates are easy to clean but are not dishwasher-safe. This means you cannot be sure that you are giving hygienic food to your kids. But the restaurant plates can guarantee this if the plate is through the dishwasher. In slates, we cannot be sure about the particles and sauce from the previous dish because these slates do not have an even surface.  There is another danger that awaits the diner.  Even though the slates are supposed to have a flat surface when compared to the traditional restaurant plates they are not flat. If you look at the sides of the slate you can see cuttings or layers on the stone that can be broken at any time. You cannot be sure that the small pieces from the side will not break and go into your kid’s stomach. If this happens eat out will turn into a nightmare!

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