Where Do Squishies Come From?

The squishy craze has spread like wildfire becoming an instant hit to both young and old alike. Gone are the fidget spinners which are replaced with squishies becoming the mainstream toy line in the present. The trend came out of nowhere resulting to several questions especially from newcomers who are interested and want to know more about squishies. One of these questions is where the toy comes from. Let us take a closer look at squishies and see where they have originated.

Squishies comes from a material known as Polyurethane. Polyurethane is a material known for its many uses. It covers a wide range of stiffness, hardness, and densities making it very flexible. Because of that, Polyurethane has several applications including furniture, automobile seats, houses, sculptures and decorations, filling of spaces and cavities, water vessels, flexible plastics, varnish and many more. Polyurethane has expanded their use and is now considered to be the primary components of squishies. Their elasticity makes them a great material for squishies as people are able to squeeze them and they return to their normal shape like nothing happened.

Aside from the material, people want to know where squishies originated. It is pretty hard to tell where squishies and its craze originally come from. It basically came out of nowhere and has grown in popularity at a very steady pace. Their origins are hard to trace and this is because of their simple design is very easy to replicate. As a result, people today will not be finding any shortage of squishies when they look for them in stores as well as over the internet.

Kawaii squishies however, are considered to be a more specific case as this comes directly from Japan. The word kawaii is a Japanese term that is used to describe the overall cuteness. Kawaii squishies are just like that with them having noteworthy features as small soft foam toys. Their design is also often inspired by food or animal themed. This includes popular designs such as pandas, cookies, bears, donuts, bread and the likes.

We’ve discussed where squishies originally comes from but it should be noted that we’ve only scratched the surface. There is a lot more learn and discover about squishies. You can join community groups and watch videos about squishies to help deepen your appreciation about the fandom and also inspire you to collect even more, check out Windsor smith’s collection.

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Popular Home Dinnerware Sets to Consider


Dinnerware sets are easy to come by with many store owners slowly integrating their products over the internet. As a result, just about anyone will be able to purchase dinnerware sets at their very own leisure and pace. Popularity is considered to be one of the deciding factors that can help with a purchase. The same can also be said with regards to dinnerware sets and their popularity can help newcomers find a reference for their next purchase. Let us look at some popular home dinnerware sets you can find today.




This type of dinnerware has been growing in popularity receiving its fair share of the spotlight over the years. Fiestaware are known to be both vibrant and durable while at the same time is also quite easy to care for. You can find them in different variants which includes the ones made of dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, freezer-safe and oven-safe glazed ceramic.


Lenox French Perl Bone China

Bone China never gets out of style making it a common staple in many kitchens all across the world. These items are dishwasher and microwave safe making them relatively easy to clean and use. The Lenox French Perle sets offers a lifetime breakage replacement program which allows their buyers to replace broken dishes for half their retail price. This offers a huge amount of relief especially since you don’t know what will happen to your dinnerware sets in the future. Having the option to have them replaced at a lower cost provides a good measure of convenience saving people time and resources.


AmazonBasics Dinnerware Porcelain


Porcelain dinnerware sets are known to be generally heavier and harder than bone china. The AmazonBasics dinnerware for instance, is considered to be a less expensive alternative to Bone China offering a more casual dining experience. These items have a comfortable weight and an even glaze which allows for easy handling and use. Furthermore, they are oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe making them an all-around classic.

It should be noted that there is no definitive answer when one is looking to find the best home dinnerware set to purchase. Sometimes this all falls to an individual’s taste and preference. You may also want to see some slate dinnerware like www.SlatePlate.com. With that being said, popularity has contributed greatly in giving people an overview on why a particular item is endeared by many. Consider the popular home dinnerware sets listed in this article to help you decide your purchase.

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Creative Means to Incorporate a Photo Booth in Your Wedding


Photo booth rentals in wedding have been growing more and more popular in recent years. The unique and one-of-a-kind pictures they produce have contributed greatly making them a common staple in a variety of parties and events. Several weddings have also benefited greatly from the use of photo booths providing a breath of fresh air with the ceremonies. A huge number of couples want to add these items to their wedding however there are a number of factors that need to be considered in order to make them a success. Let us look at some creative means on how you can incorporate a photo booth in your wedding.


Your Setting and Theme


It should be noted that photo booths often stand out oftentimes making them the center of attraction. You don’t want them to steal the spotlight that is dedicated to your wedding. To avoid this, you can make the necessary changes to fit your photo booth to the theme and setting that you are going for with your wedding. Consider changing their backdrop or curtains to match the color of your wedding. This in turn keeps them in line avoiding unnecessary attention to your guests.


Surprise Your Guest


A good way to integrate your photo booth in your wedding is by discreetly hiding them away to your attendees and unveiling them at the right moment. This will definitely go a long way in help keep your guests excited and guessing as to what you are hiding. You can then surprise them during the reveal of your photo booth that is free to use for everyone. This in turn keeps your guests engaged all throughout your wedding ceremony while at the same time draws less attention to your photo booth which is something many couples are aiming for.

We’ve discussed a few ways on how you can incorporate a photo booth rental to your weddings in a creative manner. Doing so will make sure that you will be maximizing or making the most out of your photo booth rental. It should be noted that this type of service is not considered to be cheap and as such, proper planning and preparation is required to effectively use them. Consider the tips mentioned in this article and get in touch with a photo booth rental company in Melbourne, Australia, www.aussiephotobooths.com.au/, as you plan your wedding.

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All About Prestigious Spanish Restaurant El Bulli

Voted the World’s Best Restaurant five times in the San Pellegrino Awards, El Bulli is based in Girona, Spain. The Guardian newspaper reports that it seats fifty diners, although each seat is in demand 400 times over (The Guardian). Its current owner Ferran Adrià is seen as a groundbreaking chef and has been described by critics as a “genuis”.

Despite its success, there have been murmurings in the press of the kitchen’s closure after it was reported that the restaurant was not making money. Here is a look at the prestigious ElBulli restaurant in Spain.

The History of ElBulli, Spain

ElBulli’s website is open about its beginnings. In 1961 a German doctor and his wife bought the land where ElBulli now stands and started inviting people for barbeques. Shortly after, planning permission was given for a mini-golf installation and in 1963 a bar was added. In 1964 the first official restaurant was opened. The restaurant enjoyed some success throughout the decades but was propelled into the world’s consciousness by Ferran Adrià, who bough it in 1990. By 2002 it had achieved its first San Pellegrino award, giving it worldwide notoriety. It was knocked off the top spot the following year but regained it in 2006 and held onto it until 2010, when it was awarded to Denmark’s Noma.

El Bulli’s worldwide recognition during this period gave it huge publicity, which was fuelled by the publication of a number of books. One of these, Un Dia en ElBulli was published in 2007 which presents twenty-four hours in the life of the restaurant in 300 pages. In the same year, Adrià was awarded an honorary degree by the Faculty of Chemistry in the University of Barcelona. He achieved another in 2008, this time from the University of Aberdeen. Although ElBulli is no longer classed as the World’s Best Restaurant, it does stands firmly today in the top five of the San Pellegrino list.

Food Served at El Bulli

Ferran Adrià belongs to the experimental world of cooking, an area in which British chef Heston Blumenthal has also enjoyed huge success. Preparing food becomes a real chemistry and these chefs look for ways to satisfy our hungry appetites other than through taste alone. The ElBulli website states that taste is not the only sense that can be stimulated through food. Smell and sight can be stimulated as well as touch. Many dishes are taken to the table and “finished” there by serving staff or by the customers themselves – for example the diner pours a sauce themselves over the dish from a small jug and gets involved in the total experience. Raviolo/Mozzarella Chewing Gum is one Willy Wonka-esque suggestion that has appeared on the menu, as well as Samphire Salad with Razor Shells and Menthol Air.

In an article published in The Guardian (If the World’s Greatest Chef Cooked for a Living, He’d Starve), John Carlin analyses Ferran Adrià’s art of deconstruction. Adrià takes food apart to its bare essentials so that a simple omelette becomes a plate of potato foam, onion pureé and egg with a sabayon. ElBulli’s website states that it believes “all products have the same gastronomic value, regardless of price”.

Price may be however one thing to consider when eating at ElBulli, should you be lucky enough to secure a seat. Diners don’t expect to eat at the World’s Best Restaurant for pennies. An average meal with wine will set you back around €250 (The Guardian), although the wine list is another subject entirely. The 154-page wine list at ElBulli lists red, white and sparkling wines which vary widely in price. A bottle of 1996 Bollinger is listed at €428, whereas a bottle of 1989 Le Montrachet will set you back €3,745. It is easy to baulk at these prices. But the diner has to remember that their €250 is buying them a piece of history – the work of a “genius” and an eating sensation that is designed to push the boundaries of taste and stimulate our other senses. In this respect, the concept and food at ElBulli somehow transcends the subject of price.

The Future of ElBulli

Despite whisperings of its closure, Ferran Adrià still has plans for ElBulli. The website presents the idea that the restaurant will become an “Academy” for 20-25 aspiring chefs to train in, beginning in 2014. He insists that the restaurant will remain open during this time and despite the gossip there seem to be no real plans for its closure.

Demand is as high as ever, with the restaurant open only six months of the year (April-September) and the whole season is usually fully booked on the first day of opening. Along with its notoriety and worldwide fame, Ferran Adrià has placed the restaurant and himself on the map, achieving worldwide recognition for his services to food. Despite the whisperings, El Bulli seems to be still going strong.

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Customized Pillows – A Great Solution for all Your Pains


We all suffer from back ache, headache, or neck pain from time to time. The root can be traced back to physical injuries or any malfunctions but surprisingly most are due to simple causes. How many times you have woken up in the morning with a terrible headache and just wished it’ll go away. Have you ever thought that, it could be just due to for a simple fact that, the way you sleep is causing the headaches?

Yes, this reason can trigger pain in many different occasions not limited to only headaches but also neck pain, backache or even lower back pain.

All these could be resolved by a simple element – The pillow. Yes, a pillow can work wonders if you could apply a good one that is suitable for your style. But sadly most pillows are made for general purpose, which means they are neither here nor there. Think of it as a shirt bought in a store which does its work but the fitting is never perfect. May be it fits in the shoulder area but the sleeves are little to lose.

This is what also happens in case of a pillow. You need a pillow that will complimentary to you, not just a general one which fits all but also fits none of these. Some people love a soft pillow but someone may find a little bit hard one more comfortable in sleeping. You may not believe but too much softness in a pillow can indeed initiate a headache. That’s why it’s advisable to not sleep in a very soft mattress or a very soft pillow. Because though it does feel comfortable, necessarily it doesn’t mean good for the body.

This level of “softness” will vary from person to person. And this is where customized pillows do shine. By customization, you could choose what’s best for you. You can opt for Fiber made raw materials which will give you a little bit of harder experience while puffiness pillows are suitable for the people who love to sleep on a soft pillow.

This in turn greatly affects the body. Suppose you love sleeping with the stomach against the bed. It’s not a normal position and generally the body isn’t used to it as it creates pressure point in the stomach region which in long term, will give you pain. But if a support is given, it changes. You can choose a pillow which will take the weight and free your body from the stress. These support parishes the issues that come along with sleeping on an awkward position too.

But even while sleeping on a normal position, a support can yield great results. A suitable pillow can decrease the frequency of migration. In many people, migration occurs due to the stress developed around the neck while sleeping. If you could decrease this tension, then the neck can be in a relaxed position thus, next morning you could wake up without a migraine that could last for days.

In simple words, the way we sleep, the position of the body affects us a lot. Some positions are beneficial for us and some aren’t. The positions which relieve the body from stress are the ones that help you in day to day life.

And customized pillows encourage those positions or, relieve the body from it even if the stress is indeed developing. Hence, years of research have made along this subject and recently, the industry is developing custom made pillows. As you can see on their website, Zonkd.com is a front runner in customized pillows which after years of experience, understands what’s best for the customers and gives out ingredients from which, people could chose from while customizing their pillows.

With that, opt for one today and say bye bye to backache, headache.


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Tired of finger scanners

I travel a lot. I’m a mother first, but I’m a business woman second. I enjoy spending time with my family, and I do miss them when I travel. I really should stop travelling so much! Anyway – this post is supposed to be a rant on how I HATE finger scanners!

Every time I get off the plane, I have to get my finger scanned. This doesn’t sound like much of a problem, but the thing is, the machine ALWAYS gets it wrong. They mix me up with some one else EVERY time! It’s gotten so serious that I’m considering traveling by boat instead.

There is nothing more embarrasing than having your finger scanned, and then getting pulled to the side by the TSA or whatever you call it, for them to tell you that you are a wanted criminal. It’s routine at this point, I tell them that I’ve gone through this before, and then they make some calls, and then they give me the clear. The next time this happens, I’m just going to pretend to be a bad guy and scream at the top of my lungs. Or I will collapse on the floor and start crying. Who knows.

I did some research online and there is some really shoddy finger scanners out there!

I travel to China a lot, and I do get to see first hand with how they compromise quality for quantity, and a lot of these new finger scanners are made in China, so I’m pretty sure that might be the problem. I did some research online and I found a company called integrated biometrics. Their products seem really good, maybe I should scan my finger with one of their finger scanner. Honestly, if it works, I should just carry it around with me and tell the TSA guys to use my superior finger scanner instead of the crappy Chinese made ones.

Anyway, here’s the picture of the one I bought:

Pretty cool right? Sorry about the rant.

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When I clicked pictures from my eat out with my children

Well, it is my hobby to click pictures whenever I go out with my family. So this time I decided to click pictures of the dinner I had planned with my family. I like to take photos of the dishes that we order so that I can try it at home.  But we have experienced something new at the restaurant – slate plates.  Slate plates are flat and are made of stone. You can even say that these are thin and flat pieces cut from the stone. Mostly it will be black in color and rectangle in shape. The sides are uneven if you look at it carefully.

slate plate in restaurants

I was excited to see this because this is going to be something different than the usual photos I take. The black color of the slates gave a beautiful appearance, you can take a look at this link to see how this company justifies using them as restaurant plates. So you can imagine that I took a photo of the same. The pan fried beef was kept on a black slate with the sauce and side dish kept around the piece. Even though it looked good in the photo, eating the dish was not a good experience. The knife and fork were making weird sounds when we tried to cut the beef. Not only that the sauce was spread on the slate in a way that half of the sauce was wasted. This reminds me of a post that I read some time before. There the writer had mentioned it is better to serve solid food on plates and liquid food in bowls.

Dessert in slate plates

Then we got the fries wrapped in an oil paper and kept inside a shoe (in the shape of the shoes).  When I saw the photo I could understand why restaurants and chefs are promoting the use of slate plates. The simple reason behind this is that the dish looked attractive and the slates are cheaper when compared to the standard restaurant plates. All these were OK; the real problem was when we got the dessert on the slates. As always, the focus was on my kids and their dishes. They ordered ice-cream and got it served on a slate plate. It was good to just click the photo of the ice-cream; however, my kids started to complain about ice-cream melting and flowing down onto the table. Even they want their food served on regular plates, not the slate plates.

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My experience at a restaurant that serves food on slate plates

Well, if you are fond of fine dining you would have noticed that recently some of the restaurants are serving food on slates instead of restaurant plates. They say that the chefs can make a ‘statement’ if the food is served on a slate, you can read more on why food presentation is so important at slateplate.com. By this, they mean the appearance and not the quality of the food. Children like to eat out and my kids too love to go out and have food from restaurants. But the bad experiences I had with the restaurants that served food on slates made me support the moves asking for the restaurant plates back.

Food on slate plate

Now let me justify why I am against the slates. For example, moms who take their children to the restaurants will have ice-cream on the order all the time. Now you would have got an idea about how it is not a good idea to serve ice-cream on the slates. Ice-cream is going to melt and you can guarantee that your kid is not going to complete it fast. Children like to enjoy the ice-cream while eating. In case if the ice-cream is yet to leave the flat slate or wooden plank you can just try to finish it. This is not just for the kids. When I ordered my complete dish was presented on the slate and all the topping was scattered all over the slate. They did not provide me a plate to serve it on.

Problem with slate plate

I have read online that these slates are easy to clean but are not dishwasher-safe. This means you cannot be sure that you are giving hygienic food to your kids. But the restaurant plates can guarantee this if the plate is through the dishwasher. In slates, we cannot be sure about the particles and sauce from the previous dish because these slates do not have an even surface.  There is another danger that awaits the diner.  Even though the slates are supposed to have a flat surface when compared to the traditional restaurant plates they are not flat. If you look at the sides of the slate you can see cuttings or layers on the stone that can be broken at any time. You cannot be sure that the small pieces from the side will not break and go into your kid’s stomach. If this happens eat out will turn into a nightmare!

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Cell Phone Etiquette in a Restaurant: Table Manners and Telephone Manners​

Cell phones make people constantly available. But there are times when a person should not be available. It is healthy to have personal boundaries regarding when to visit with a person, when to eat, and when to have a cell phone conversation.

Cell Phone Etiquette in Public

Restaurants, theaters, and libraries are just some of the public places that people do not wish to hear somebody else’s ringtone blasting at high decibels. It is distracting to the public to be surprised with noise and disturbance.

In public meeting places, a cell phone should be set on a low volume for the ringtone, or better yet set to vibrate. If a cell phone conversation must take place in a restaurant, kindly excuse yourself and have the conversation outside.

Friends, Cell Phones, and Restaurant Etiquette

It seems silly to make a point of going out to eat with friends, and then spending that time talking on a cell phone to somebody who isn’t there. It sends a message to present company that they are unimportant; an important person is on the other end of the cell phone. These people will feel hurt, angry, and wonder why the cell phone user bothered to come eat with them in the first place.

Waitress Etiquette

Pay attention to the waitress when she is reciting the specials. This is both polite and efficient. She has other tables of polite, attentive customers who would also like to know the specials.

When a customer takes a cell phone call during the recitation, the waitress knows he doesn’t care what the specials are, doesn’t care about the feelings of his dining companions, doesn’t care about people at other tables, and is a boor. The waitress has every right at that point to walk away because her table is not paying attention, and she has other tables that need service.

When a customer takes a call while people are ordering, it indicates that the table is not hungry enough to order and can wait. For a restaurant to run efficiently, a table’s order needs to be put in all at once. People who talk on cell phones instead of ordering show horrific disrespect for their hungry companions. The waitress has every right to walk away; do not expect her to wait for a phone conversation.

The customers at other tables should not have to wait for a cell phone conversation, either.

Cell Phone Manners in the Restaurant

  • When entering a restaurant for a meal, turn off the     cell phone. This is no different than turning off the cell phone when     going to the theater.

  • If for some reason it must be on, set it to vibrate.     This way it will not make a distracting and disturbing noise.

  • If it rings and must be answered, apologize for the     inconvenience and step outside to have the conversation.

  • Make the conversation as quick as possible, and get     back to the table.

  • Allow a close companion to order for you, if necessary.

Last but not least, pay attention to present companions; talk on the cell phone later.

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